Extracting Data points as JSON from Handwritten forms using — AWS Textract, Lambda and S3

This is how it works!

In this post we will be covering the following checkpoints:


  • Lambda Service
  • Textract Service
  • Simple Storage Service i.e. S3
  • Identity Access Management Service

1. Uploading Image/doc to S3 bucket

A process overview

Create S3 Bucket

Upload image to S3 bucket

2. Extracting data from an S3 image

  • Add the bucket name
  • Select all object to create events for Event type
  • Suffix as .jpg
  1. In the local machine create a directory for the project
mkdir -p zip_boto3/python
Pip install boto3
cd zip_boto3zip -r boto3-layer.zip python

3. Add code to Lambda Function

This code will help to extract the data from the uploaded image and save the data as a JSON file
trp.py helps in parsing the data response that we get from AWS Textract

4. Result

Generated JSON file in S3 Bucket

5. References




Software Engineer and a Data Science Enthusiast :)

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Noufal Rijal

Noufal Rijal

Software Engineer and a Data Science Enthusiast :)

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